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Reliable and Affordable Cleaners in Auckland for Regular Commercial Contract Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Cleaning, Floor Maintenance and Waterproofing

The team at Sunny Total Cleaning offers a range of commercial and residential cleaning services …One-off and Contract commercial cleaning services …Carpet cleaning specialists …Spotless floor cleaning …Waterproof coatings to prevent floor and wall leakage …

Over 18 years in Cleaning Industry

Sunny Total Cleaning has been successfully running since the year 2000. We have over 18 years of experience in the commercial cleaning business alone, so you can be rest assured that your cleaning job is put into the hands of professionals.

Each of our staff members have been trained personally by Sunny himself, and all training are based around the NZQA National Certificate in Cleaning and Care Taking, to ensure that health and safety practices are followed with each cleaning service.

Personalised Cleaning and Communication Service

As a professional commercial and industrial cleaning business, we have one goal in mind: to provide the best possible cleaning services in the industry therefore we personalise all of our cleaning services so that we fulfil the requirements for you as the client.

To do this, we ensure that we are available to our customers whenever they require our cleaning services promptly.

We accommodate to our clients requirement and fit in with what suits them as a house owner or business owner.

If you have an urgent cleaning matter that needs to be addressed, our immediate response will ensure that the matter is addressed quickly and proficiently.

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Our response time is immediate and we service according to clients requirements to suit their business needs