Waterproofing to Protect your Assets

Waterproof coating products are used as both a preventative and a solution to leaky problems.

There are a number of signs of a leakage in your property, including:

  • water seeping from walls or floors
  • musty odor smells
  • dampness of walls or floors
  • tile lifting from the floor
  • cracks in walls or floors
  • insect infestation
  • peeling paint on walls

Our waterproofing services are provided by our group company known as ‘Absolute Waterproofing Ltd’. We are a certified licenced applicator.

Waterproof coatings for any room, any building

We can waterproof your internal property such as bathroom floors with a range of liquid waterproofing membrane products such as:

  • Aquaguard 101
  • Mapei Aqua Defence
  • Ultratuff
  • Terraflex

Whether you are looking to prevent leakage in building a new home, or fix a leaky bathroom in an existing home, waterproof coatings are the solution.

Absolute Waterproofing Ltd Warranty

We are most updated with the regular changing in council regulations for all suburbs and able to provide 5 years workmanship, producer statement and product warranty up to 15-20 years on various of product for all completed jobs.

Free waterproofing quote and inspection

Absolute Waterproofing can travel to your property to assess the situation of your leakage.


Our response time is immediate and we service according to clients requirements to suit their business needs